POSIBLOC ™, Al Faw Grand Port completion of installation of CORE-LOC ™

Almost 100,000 CORE-LOC ™ installed on the Al Faw Grand Port project

Located in southern Iraq, the Al Faw Grand Port project is protected by two dikes, the 13-km long West dike and the 8-km long East dike.

POSIBLOC ™ -EC, hydraulic excavator system was deployed on 3 machines for the installation of CORE-LOC ™ on the dikes

The CORE-LOC ™ shell is completed with nearly 100,000 units placed on the dikes.

A success for Daewoo Engineering & Construction with the POSIBLOC ™ system, the innovative system dedicated to the installation of ACCROPODE ™ ECOPODE ™ and CORE-LOC ™

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