Since late 2009 MESURIS has a marine electronics workshop located in Saint Philibert close to la Trinité sur Mer. This integration and testing base is located 150m from the sea and allows the testing and calibration of multibeam systems and monitoring systems for 3D marine applications but also for hydrgraphic vessels integrations.

MESURIS has been the first company to design an hydrographic vessel road transportable with optimized characteristics for high resolution multibeam survey in shallow water.

The hydrographic mobile vessel SURVEX

SURVEX vessels are 6,80 to 9,10m lenght aloy workboat.

Developed by MESURIS and COMEX, the hydrographic mobile vessel SURVEX was built to be the most efficient product for high resolution surveys. Its 83 cm reduced draught makes navigation in difficult areas possible. SURVEXTM specific hull provides ideal roll stability with optimized seabed coverage. 1 to 3 km2 are covered each day in coastal area, up to 20 km each day for canals and rivers.

SURVEXTM is carried by a semi articulated truck having a 32 TM hydraulic crane so that the vessel can be placed directly in the water, fully equipped with permanent sensors and calibrated for immediate survey.

SURVEXTM roll extreme stability and flow without bubble around echosounder even at high speed contibute to the acoustic system impressive results.

With more than 1700 days of multibeam survey, and more than 3500 days of data processing from year 2000 to 2014, MESURIS is considered to be unmatched in France for multibeam shallow water surveys.

Approved by French hydrographic companies for its exceptional data qualities, MESURIS has reproduced the SURVEXTM concept for different users including “Voies Navigable de France” (France waterways) in Lille and Nancy.

SURVEXTM characteristics are optimized for easy transport, handling and the conduct of the vessel

  • dimensions 2,75 x 6,80m à 2,97 x 9,10m
  • weight 2,2 à 3,5 tons
  • draft  0,73 à 0,83m
  • speed 2 to 15 knots