MESURIS, the first company to have developed a unique real-time visual aid system named POSIBLOCTM for the placement of concrete blocks for breakwater construction (jointly developed with Artelia consultants).

From a patent owned by MESURIS, POSIBLOCTM is a topographical 3D system. It does not use any camera or sonar systems. POSIBLOCTM is installed on cable cranes or excavator to build single layer armouring. POSIBLOCTM allows to work whatever the weather. It is safer and quicker compared to using a conventional diving team for placement control. POSIBLOCTM allows a precise and accurate placement with positions and orientations of each unit monitored.

3D armour building Monitoring System

Embeded BLOCKSfitTM software is a real time placement visualization. It illustrates the whole carapace : it depicts and stores the block currently being installed in relation to those already in place. It guides the crane operator to the target position of the placement drawing according to rules of interlocking and density.

This is the first and unique system that allows to generate a global CGM (Computed Generated Model) on a breakewater construction site in the water and above the water. An «As initialy placed» CGM is generated.

This topographic system can be used at night and during the day. This allows to optimize the installation of concrete units.

POSIBLOCTM and BLOCKSfitTM brands are property of MESURIS company. 

BLOCKSfit software for real time placement and reporting, developed by MESURIS for POSIBLOCTM systems.

Additional module : VISIBLOC PROCESSING

BLOCKSfitTM software allows an after placing monitoring and control.  It allows to replay, visualize and analyse what was done during the placement.
BLOCKSfitTM analyzes the orientation and position of the units to check the quality of the placement. The goal is to detect similar orientation and/or out of profile blocks. It is also possible to calculate the density by area or globally.

The fact that BLOCKSfit software does a real time analysis of the block position and orientation makes possible the placement anomaly detection (similar attitude, out of profile), and prevents from later dismantling for non conformity reasons.

Automatic reports can be generated to give all necessary information for day to day placement follow-up : placement efficiency, block position and orientation, density, placement potential anomalies,…

POSIBLOCTM allows to place an average of 60 to 80 blocks every ten hours whatever the size of the unit. The quality of placement is perfectly controlled. The risk of removal for non-compliance is null. This system allows to reduce the placement duration needed at the building site.

From 2008 to 2015, more than 250 000 ACCROPODETM and CORE-LOCTM units have been placed with POSIBLOCTM in the world, mainly in Asia Middle East, North and South America.

The innovations of POSIBLOCTM have been presented in international conferences

  • ICE in Great Britain and Netherland : 2009, 2013 & 2015
  • FIATECH 2011, USA
  • PIANC exhibition – COPEC VIII, February 2012 in Chennai.
  • At the FIATECH conference, our partner CCC received an award for the use of POSIBLOCTM leading innovative technology.
  • During the COPEDEC show in 2012, POSIBLOCTM was named as being a « Leading Edge Technology».