MESURIS, your partner in electronic integration , GPS / GNSS satellite positioning,  inertial motion sensor, single and multibeam echosounder, hydrographic and navigation software .


Our company is distributor of brands in the fields of hydrography and integration of systems dedicated to marine applications. Our expertise allows us to provide complete advanced technology solutions adapted to each context while providing you with support and high quality training

Our product range includes a set of solutions adopted by major French accounts. In addition to single products, we ensure the full integration of multibeam systems and instrumentation dedicated to marine works .


MESURIS official TELEDYNE TSS distributor


Range of products and ROV/AUV/Surface ship integrated solutions : inertial and motion sensor, gyrocompasses, steering controls and navigation system, subsea pipe and cable survey and detection



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Multibeam echosounder integration for ROV/AUV or surface vessel for deep and shallow water. Full range of dedicated acoustic hydrophone solutions for acoustic measurements.


The sets of TELEDYNE RESON products equip all of our vessels and are used every survey day on board.





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 TOPOMETRYXTM HR is a high precision 3D laser scanner. The cost of purchasing and operating is extremely competitive and can fit all vessel equipped with inertial motion sensor and centimetric positionning system.

MRIS 12 710


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 Development of software applications used for hydrographic surveys, sea-floor mapping, portable pilot units and Electronic Navigation Charts : QINSy, QLOUD, FLEDERMAUS, QASTOR...



QPS solutions combined with our expertise enable unparalleled results in terms of resolution and precision


MRIS Quai 12 710px



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POSI-GNSS  is a kinematic system designed for marine real time accurate positioning. It provides centimeter accuracy positioning operating in all environments including under cranes booms or under tree canyons




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Find all the product range of GENERAL ACOUSTIC company : special echounders and leading edge technolgy for the sediment, tidal, current and wave measurements.

general acoustics



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The VideoRay Pro 4 PS300XL ROV System has been specifically configured for Professionals to quickly and effectively perform a variety of inspection tasks. The system comes fully integrated with the BlueView ProViewer P900E-20 Imaging Sonar and the “Drop & Go” Non-Acoustic Smart Tether Positioning System - all tied together with a MIL-SPEC Rugged Toughbook PC. Mated with the sub, these components comprise one of the most potent and effective underwater inspection / search and recovery tools available.

JeffMain P9


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